Nora Jaber is researching on the role of human rights treaties in advancing gender equality in Saudi Arabia. Nora obtained her LLM in Public International Law from the London School of Economics.


Harsimran Kalra  is pursuing research on legal pluralism in post-colonial contexts with a specific focus on women’s rights in India. Her research aims to  compare how rights formulations, ideas of justice, and adjudication processes vary across different forums of justice: community, non-governmental, and state forums.

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Laura Dominique Knöpfel recently completed her MSc in Law and Anthropology from London School of Economics and Political Science.Laura’s research focuses on the multi-layered regulatory regime surrounding local mining operations of multinational corporations.

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Giulia Gentile is a PhD Student at the Centre of European Law at King’s. Her field of research is constitutional law and judicial protection in the EU. She holds an LLM in European Law from King’s College London and a combined bachelor and master degree from the University of Naples.

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Sapna Reheem Shaila  completed her LLM in Law, Development and Governance from SOAS in 2014. She is researching on  the role of international development agencies in promoting judicial independence projects in fragile states. Sapna is interested in how aid agencies influence, transform and create new institutional  legal structures.

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Luping Zhang is a first year PhD researcher at Kings College London, specialised in international dispute resolution and air law. She is a member of the New York State Bar, and has worked in a New York law firm and UNCTAD before joining King’s. She also holds two LLMs – from NYU and Leiden University.

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Helin Laufer  completed her LLB and LLM studies at King’s College London. Her research interests are International Dispute Resolution and Human Rights Litigation.